energy efficient house

ENERGY construction system residences meet energy class A. “Energy houses” or “Energy efficient houses” are houses designed and built according to the new Greek Energy Efficiency Regulation of the Buildings (“KENAK”) and are classified into 4 categories, B, B+, A, A+, according to their overall energy efficiency


Residences’ classification is achieved through the KENAK computing process. The classification is the comparison of the overall primal (that is, network-provided) energy consumption that the building will perform during its future use, for heating, cooling, and hot water supply, with the consumption of an ideal similar reference building, which includes specific equipment and insulation capacity, declared B energy class minimum standard. Thus:

class A+   67% less consumption than B

class A     50% to 67% less consumption than B

class B+   25% to 50% less consumption than B

class B     0% to 25% less consumption than B

EasyGreen ENERGY houses (depended on design and location*) are classified in energy class A, therefore they display 50% to 67% less energy waste than the energy class B houses (houses also referred as “residences in comply with KENAK”).

ENERGY series are constructed in any desired architectural form.

*Energy classification is related with the specific data of every house: location, dimensions, openings, heating and cooling systems’ installed, neighboring buildings’ position etc, and thus in some cases may be classified in energy class B+.


ENERGY system houses of Easy Green are equipped with :


ENERGY exterior wall system, have high thermal insulation capacity with a coefficient of thermal conductivity equal to U = 0,13 W/m2k.



Synthetic window frames with double glazinglow emissivity film (Low-e), argon gas between panes and heat transfer coefficient Ug 1,0 W / m2k.




Energy technology roof insulation with heat transfer coefficient U = 0,16 W / m2k and a total thickness of 453 mm



Energy class A heat pump with fan coils for cooling and heating in one system, with energy consumption up to 3 times less than a typical heating system.



Solar water heater of double energy with a selective collector of 120 Lt capacity for domestic hot water.


construction cost

ENERGY construction system cost is substantially lower to the cost of energy consuming concrete houses, and does not exceed average building cost for an average other-type prefab residence, which, in most cases, qualifies into a lower energy class and stands lower in housing equipment.



  • Overall consumption per final user for heating, cooling and hot water supply for ENERGY series efficient houses stands less than 20kWh/m2, therefore in a 120m2 house we may need less than 2400kWh per year or less than 300€* for heating, cooling and hot water supply annually.

    * calculated with price of  0,12 €/kWh.

  • Thick insulation, absence of thermal bridges and high air tightness, protect energy efficiency houses of the ENERGY series from thermal changes or humidity and endorse the structure with unlimited lifetime and minimum maintenance costs.
  • Stable temperature inside and high thermal comfort ensure a hygiene and convenient living.