log house

Cozy, comfort, green, beautiful houses.

Log houses are residences that cover housing needs and desires in a unique way. These houses match harmonically to the landscape  and stand ideal for mountain vacation cottages.


Log houses’ walls are constructed with the use of whole trunk pieces, and are distinguished in massif and in glulam log sections’ houses.

For the construction of its log houses, EasyGreen selects the  best timber quality. High strength wood like Finnish fir and Lithuanian pine or fir, according to construction demands and your desires.

The timber we use, is that which bears the lowest residual humidity content: 12% ± 2% for glulam log, 16% ± 2% for massif rectangular log and 18% ± 2% for massif round log. Thereof we can achieve longitudinal shrinkage below 1,5% ± 0,5% for glulam log, below 2% ± 0,5% shrinkage for massif rectangular log and below 2,5% ± 0,5% for round massif log.

We always choose heartwood for our massif log structures, sawed out of trees with a diameter larger than 18-20 centimeters which display superior mechanical characteristics.

In the external shell we offer a combination of a log wall along with insulation fitted on the internal side, so that we also achieve the desired energy efficiency of your house. EasyGreen log houses (depending on design and location*) are classified in energy class A and display till 50-67% lower consumption than residences of energy class B (houses also referred as “residences in comply with KENAK –the 2010 Greek Energy Efficiency Regulation of the Buildings).

*Energy classification is related with the specific data of every house: location, dimensions, openings, heating and cooling systems’ installed, neighboring buildings’ position etc, and thus in some cases may be classified in energy class B.


EasyGreen LOG HOUSES can be delivered with the following equipment:


Outer wall of stacked sticks in various sections combined with internal insulation and wood lining externally. Thermal coefficient for 120mm trunk and 100mm insulation Κ = 0,27 W/m2k.


Wooden windows double glazing with low emission film (Low-e) ,argon gas in the vacuum and thermal coefficient Ug  1,1 W/m2k.


Roofing technology ENERGY with wood lining externally, with hign thermal insulation and thermal coefficient of Κ = 0,19 W/m2k and total thickness of 453mm.



Energy class A heat pump with fan coils for cooling and heating in one system, with energy consumption up to 3 times less than a typical heating system.



Solar water heater of double energy with a selective collector of 120 Lt capacity for domestic hot water..



Log houses usually have an increased cost of construction than other types of prefab houses due to the larger volume of timber used and greater labor costs during erection. The overall cost also depends on the building’s size and its formal complexity. For log houses larger than 80m2 a indicatory cost stands around 1.200 € / m2.

*The above cost is valid on building the house from the foundation plate and up, with materials according to the specifications’ guide for LOG HOUSES series, does not include VAT and is clear of long distance extra cost only for the regions of Attica, Viotia and Evia.



  • Overall consumption per final user for heating, cooling and hot water supply for ENERGY series efficient houses stands less than 20kWh/m2, therefore in a 120m2 house we may need less than 2400kWh per year or less than 300€* for heating, cooling and hot water supply annually.
  • Overall energy consumption per user is the consumption measured on the PPC clock (for Greece). Consumption related to KENAK classification is the primal consumption, that is, the consumption concerning energy production and supply aggregate and is computed at the KENAK process with an 195% increase.             *1 kW=0,12€.
  • In our constructions, we select timber free of harmful chemical preservatives ; along with the use of environmentally friendly processed wood products we deliver green houses for safe and hygiene living.

Timber, as a natural material, can regulate house internal humidity on its own, thus resulting into unremitting comfort living conditions.