The PRIME construction system refers to green, low cost houses at really low prefab prices. Ideal for all those who want a holiday home or a permanent residence with the standard equipment.
The PRIME residences combine great energy efficiency at very low cost. They can be used as permanent residences, holiday homes, weekend homes, tourist accommodations or even rental housing complexes. They can be constructed in any architectural form.

Conditions- Characteristics

The houses  which are made with the PRIME system have adaptive thick cross section of the frames according to the size in order to achieve construction safety and low manufacturing cost. The system features increased insulation surpassing the requirements of the new Greek Energy Efficiency Regulation of the Buildings.

Classified in ENERGY CLASS B + * and declared as energy efficient with low energy consumption.

* Because the energy classification occurs whenever the specific location data property dimensions, openings and heating and cooling systems may in some cases be classified and B.


PRIME houses  of Easy Green are equipped with the standard equipment:


PRIME technology, overall thickness of exterior wall thermal insulation up to 245 mm. With heat transfer coefficient U = 0,22 W / m2k.

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PVC window frames with double glazing, low emissivity film (Low-e), argon gas between panes and heat transfer coefficient Ug 1,0 W / m2k.

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PRIME technology roof insulation with heat transfer coefficient U = 0,25 W / m2k and a total thickness of 295 mm.

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Construction Cost

The design of the construction PRIME system has been in pursuit of low cost. With really low prices, is ideal for permanent homes, holiday homes or rental units where there is no requirement for specialized heating and cooling and to achieve very low power is not required.


Bioclimatic residential complex built with PRIME technology in Lemnos island.

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  • The  low cost, the good energy efficiency and the selected materials give the ideal value for your money. For this reason the PRIME system preferred for commercial buildings and hotel complexes.