House energy class A

You want to build a house with superior energy efficiency. You scare the extra cost and do not know how it should be designed and carried out.

Easy Green constructs all the prefabricated houses of ENERGY construction system with high standards of insulation and equips with the appropriate electromechanical equipment to meet the requirements for Class A of the new regulation of energy efficiency of buildings.

Included supplies in the ENERGY houses of Easy Green

Outer walls - external wall construction total thickness 315 mm. with thermal transmittance U = 0, 13 W / m2K.

Windows and balcony doors- Synthetic frames with double glazing with gas (argon) and thermal transmittance U glass = 1,0 W / m2K.

Roof insulation - roof construction with 240mm insulation and thermal transmittance U = 0, 16 W / m2K.

Heat Pump - equip all units with a heat pump system in combination with fan coils for heating and cooling, low energy consumption, energy class A.

Solar water heating - equip all units with 120 liter solar water heater for hot water.

Bioclimatic design - design in accordance with the principles of the bioclimatic house that you want for free.

* The supply does not apply to the PRIME series homes.

What is really a high energy class residence

Perhaps many of you have read or have heard of energy class A residential offerings. But what really is ... an energy-efficient energy-class residence.

According to the new law energy efficiency of buildings N. 3661/08 each building is classified into a category called energy level energy class.

The degree of energy class of a dwelling is a way of rating buildings according to their overall energy consumption. Namely for the residences the consumption of energy for cooling, heating and hot water.

The degree that is the quotient of the total consumption of the house to the total consumption of a reference building with the same dimensions and having your house whose consumption corresponds to class B.

e.g. If your house has consumption 150 kWh / m2 and the reference building 100 kWh / m2 then the quotient is 1.5 and your house will belong to C energy class. If your residential consumption is 30 kWh / m2 and the reference building 100 kWh / m2 then the quotient is 0.3 and your house will belong to A + energy rating and so on.


The consumption of a house depends on five main factors.

  1.     High thermal capacity of the shell. The outer wall of the roof and outer frames.
  2.     Low consumption heating system. You cannot get close to the A category with a simple heating system such as oil burners, wood, gas, etc. pellet. You should definitely use a heat pump or an inverter air conditioner or general systems with three to four times and efficiencies than conventional heating systems.
  3.     Low-power cooling system. A high performance e.g. energy class an air conditioner or a heat pump with cooling is ideal for the occasion.
  4.     Low consumption of hot water heating system. For Greece there is nothing better than a solar water heater. It can of course be used well and heat pump but by no means an electric heater does not ensure high rankings.
  5.     Bioclimatic design of the house. Mostly correct orientation of the dwelling, reasonable use of openings, proper shading, natural ventilation, etc.


Now you know that you can have a high energy rating house, not only reaches the very good thermal insulation but needed and low consumption equipment and appropriate bioclimatic design.

For this the Easy Green does not construct homes can .. .... become high energy class (extra costs), but homes that are really energy class A at the same cost.