Easy Green covering the whole range of construction work of your home, undertake the process of building permit.With experienced and reputable partners of civil and mechanical engineers  undertake the required studies, the submission and control process of building permit as well as the supervision of the projects.


For residences above 80m²  which Easy Green integrated delivered at  "stage D"  we undertake the building permit free of charge.



The steps of publication and approval of building permit are:

1. Check of building capability
All the terms of building are checked according to the given topographic and all the permitted data was calculated such as, structure, covering of plot, height of the building, planting, limits etc.

2. Initial planning
We design the building according to regulations, the desires of the owner, the position and the orientation.

3.Final Design
After the completion of the initial planning,start the final design process where the new topography the architectural drafts and the cover diagram finalized.

4. Collection of approvals
Requests for approvals are required to public services.

5. Filing a file for building approval
File submission to public service with all the required drafts. The project takes a Reference Number.

6. Check of file submission
The check divided in 4 phases, and made by different engineers of public service.At the end the approval is posted on the internet.

7. Folder completion
The folder of building permit includes architectural drafts, mechanical design, structural design etc.

8.Filing of the building permit folder
Filing of the building permit folder with all the designs and drafts

9 . Completeness check of building permit .
At the end of the check of all the designs and drafts the approval is posted on the internet.