Today, we are facing a major shortage of energy sources which combined with the restriction of the quantity of fossil fuels, leading to the increase in energy prices. In addition there is a significant environmental awareness and need for greater reductions in emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

In Europe, buildings account for 30-40% of total energy consumption and about 40-45% of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. The need therefore lower energy consumption in buildings for all the above reasons, it is essential. Environmental awareness and sustainability of buildings is not just an idealistic and romantic worldview. For that nowadays the green houses are one-way.

The construction of low-energy buildings is not a luxury but a necessity and has been shown in practice that the green houses is a financially viable option with great benefit from the reduction in consumption in small time interval. For the benefit of the residents also green houses offer hygienic living environment and high thermal comfort.

Easy Green specializes in constructing green buildings low and zero energy consumption. Always pioneers, adopt new innovative technologies saving and generating energy. It is no coincidence that we are the first company of prefabricated homes that built the first passive house prefab in Greece. Easy Green is a company with a vertical organization, specialized staff and partners in all sectors of construction and manages to achieve the green house that produces the maximum power savings at lowest possible cost.





 Control process air tightness "blower door test" passive house of Easy Green in Porto Rafti.

  • We plan green houses in accordance with the rules of bioclimatic design. We seek the best orientation, natural ventilation and illumination in order to save the greatest possible natural profits.
  • We study the energy balance of each home with modern computing tools such as the passive house planning package during the design phase in order to improve the data design.
  • We construct green houses with high insulation and zero thermal bridges to ensure minimal losses.
  • We equip green homes that we construct with innovative heating and cooling low-power systems, modern domestic hot water production systems and energy production systems.