Solar energy is the most abundant free energy form on Earth. A solar system can harvest this energy for the heating of your home. Through the latter, it can cover up to 50-80% of the overall heating needs in a residence ; therefore we speak of solar system assisted heating.

Furthermore, there is a variety of passive systems available that can be implemented to take advantage from free, direct sun radiation for heating purposes.

Heating of air circulating through a ventilation system with heat exchanger, e.g. in passive systems, can be complemented with a solar system assistance set-up.  An air/air exchanger is combined in a row with an air/water exchanger that heats the air through hot water collected into a buffer tank with the help of solar panels ; this innovation was applied on an EasyGreen built passive house in 2014 with amazingly positive results. That specific residence manages to maintain throughout day and night a stable 22°C temperature without using any other energy-consuming heating system even during days with a sparsity of sunshine hours.

Heat of air through solar air heater can also be installed, where solar panels mounted on the roof or wall would heat air inside the house directly with the help of a small fan. The system has a low cost of purchase and installation and it can save energy.

A water low-temperature heating system such as a boiler of a heat pump that heat and circulate water through a fan coil system or floor heating can take advantage of warm water produced by solar panels. In this way the primary heating system can enhance heating give-off when needed through the night or in cloudy weather, with the assistance of hot water stored in the buffer tank of the solar system.