Air-conditioning systems are these heating/cooling systems that draw heat for the ambient air and transmit it through air, namely with air/air pumps.

Air-conditioners are distinguished into two categories: “multi” with a sole external unit and several internal units and “split” with several external units and a sole internal unit.

Unlike what is an urban myth shared by many, air-conditioners have a much better efficiency rate than usual heating systems such as oil heaters. This comes after their operation like heat pumps, drawing energy out of the ambient air, and thus they rise the coefficiency of performance onto as much as 5. Furthermore, many air-conditioners also filter the air and regulate humidity levels.

Transmission systems

combined with:

  1. internal units on walls or ceilings
  2.  air channels and inlets


  1. Very high coefficient of performance, in between 3 and 5.
  2. Very low energy consumption.
  3. Low maintenance costs.
  4. Cooling and heating via a common system.
  5. Small investment cost for individual systems .


  1. Relatively unnatural feeling of warmth and coziness
  2. Some noise during use
  3. Relatively high cost of the initial investment (equipment supply)