The latest expansion of natural gas network in Greece has turned gas boilers into a popular new way for heating. There are two kinds of gas boilers, conventional and condensing. Condensing boilers retrieve a large portion of the heat of the exhaust gases through the use of a specially designed heat exchanger. Total coefficiency can surpass 1,10 while conventional boilers reach 0,90. Moreover, the automatically-controlled and variable-speed fan of the condensing boiler ensures perfect combustion and a high rate of efficiency throughout the power range of the boiler. Finally, the overall losses of the chimney and condensing boiler walls stand much lower than a conventional boiler, due to the lower temperature (45-50 °C) where the exhaust gases are compelled.

Transmission systems


  1. Satisfactory coefficient of performance, 0,9 to 1,1, in comparison to other fossil and solid fuel
  2. Low fuel costs which are not prepaid
  3. Low maintenance costs due to very good combustion
  4. System long lifespan
  5. Moderate procurement costs for equipment


  1. . Often require installing extensive piping network for the connection between the boiler and the natural gas provider supply spot, something which can substancially increase the cost of investment.
  2. Natural gas is still unavailable in many areas around Greece.