The choose of the design for your new home, it’s the first and most crucial step for the completion of your dreams.  The house is your personal place, the place you move without social and moral constraints. It’s a familiar place, it’s your place, your shelter and you have to constructed it as you deserve. The draft design is a personal choice, you can choose whatever you want, but you might want to know some selection rules without being obliged to follow them.

The ergonomics of a house determine the quality of life within it. Multi-storeys draft designs of houses or with many walkways, are homes that will tire you and will be proved difficult in everyday life.

One of the most important (and often overlooked) energy efficiency factors in any home is its orientation.How a house is oriented in relation to the sun can have a dramatic impact on heating and cooling – the largest energy contributor in most homes.

Complex house designs with volume complexity, edges, corners, large balconies and complex roofs,raise the price of the construction and make the dream of a new house not available. Some of  them if are necessary, must be planned with special care in order to avoid thermal bridges which affects the thermal envelope of the building.

The house represents you much more than a garment so the external appearance and shaping must show your character and your mood.

Choose from dozens of house plans the prefab or wooden one house of your dreams. Two storeys or ground floor houses, modern or classic, with roof or terrace. If you don’t find the house plan you’ve imagined, come with us to design a plan that suits your needs and taste . The engineering team of Easy Green will help you to make your dreams come true .