We produce in Greece

75 km from Athens on the outskirts of the city of Chalkis Easy Green has developed its own production line for prefabricated houses. Here are designed, assembled, tested and loaded before they reach their destination all building elements forming the prefabricated houses of Easy Green. Creating jobs in Greece and reducing transportation costs.

Fully prefabricated building elements

Easy Green is the only Greek company of wood frame prefabricated homes that manufactures fully and comprehensively prefabricated wall sections, roofs and floors. The walls arrive at the field integrated with plasterboard and electrical piping internally, with Windows, facade and elastic plaster exterior. The same and the roofs and floors are manufactured as integrated parts of the insulation and cladding materials.





prokat, προκάτ, προκατασκευασμένο σπίτι, easy green, κατασκευή , ξύλινο, σπίτι, εργοστάσιο

prokat, προκάτ, προκατασκευασμένο σπίτι, easy green, κατασκευή , ξύλινο, σπίτι, εργοστάσιο

prokat, προκάτ, προκατασκευασμένο σπίτι, easy green, κατασκευή , ξύλινο, σπίτι, εργοστάσιο

Small construction time at work place

With the full integration of the components we provide small erection time in your plot (1-2 days) and thus wiping out the imperfections caused by bad weather and the imponderables in the building. The plaster is placed in the factory with constant temperature, dries at the right time and takes the predicted resistance in order to non-create cracks. The frames are placed at the factory and sealed completely.

Low production cost

Constructing and completing the prefabricated house elements in the factory, we are able to reduce the total cost of construction. The cost is reduced by the specialization of staff in a specific production line. The cost is reduced by using machines or tools which are difficult to be in the building. The cost is also reduced by the massive supply of raw materials and the permanent inventory stock that makes it easy to find at any time. Finally, the cost is reduced due to the very good design always precedes the execution.

Stable and controlled quality

All the above do not provide only low cost but also consistently high construction quality. Quality controls on the materials quality and standardization of the construction method ensure high quality that is not depends by the weather  or by the knowledge and technical skills of anyone be part of the construction of the building. Also the correct design does not allow generating errors or omissions.

The greater the degree of prefabrication, fewer problems in construction and better quality of the final product. The more advanced production method, the greater the economic benefit with the best quality and price. As most ready is the house from the factory, so less will be the time of constructing it.